The National Committee have decided to continue to promote a series of challenge events for 2015. Our aim is to promote Clarion member participation in Clarion section promoted distance challenge rides. These rides can be sportives, reliability rides or Audax events.

Please let us know if you have an event that you want to include in the series (must be Clarion section events).

Current events in the 2014 series (more to come)

Sun 9/3 RAD Tour – 7 castles of West Lothian or here
 Sun 18/5 Marholm Sportive (Peterborough/Fenland Cl)
 Sun 13/7 Saddleworth Audax (Saddleworth Cl)
 Sun 31/8 Audax in West Yorkshire (Calder Cl)
 Sun 7/9 Terry Brown’s Wizard and Llamas Audax – (North Cheshire)


We wish to encourage as many members as possible to compete in other Clarion events and will award those who do with a medal;

  • 2 for Bronze Medal
  • 3 for Silver
  • 4 for Gold
  • Should anyone complete all events, then we shall award a Gold medal and a free Clarion road jersey.

    Tom Jacobs
    Author: Tom Jacobs

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