Ironbridge Clarion Cycling Club

Located in Telford, Shropshire

The Ironbridge Clarion Cycling Club was formed in January 2015 to join together local cyclists and offer from family riding through to experienced riders.

The Club meets at The Golden Ball, Ironbridge for its monthly social from 8 pm as well as the committee with whom the running of the Clubs rides and development is looked after.

As of 2018, the membership of the Ironbridge Clarion Cycling Club will be via the National Cycling Club website to ease communication for all.

The 2018 membership will INCLUDE 3rd Party Insurance (includes legal aid & accident assistance) FREE as previously it was opt-in at a cost of £12.

This means you no longer need to become a member of British Cycling or CyclingUK to obtain this 3rd Party Insurance.

The Club has the following online accounts that you are welcome to join/follow;


Rides are uploaded to here when put on our website. A great space to share pictures and other cycling related details.

View our Facebook page


This Twitter feed is fed on our Facebook posts.

View our Twitter page


Keeps an interest in who is on Strava.

View our Strava page

British Cycling

We as a Club are a British Cycling Club. This allows the Club to have insurance for the Club on all of its rides and events that it organises.  It is not personal 3rd party insurance as this is included in your 2018 membership.

View our British Cycling page

National Clarion Cycling Club

We are one of the sections in the National Clarion and as members can join in any of the events, races and meets that are organised by the National.

View the National Clarion Cycling Club page

So want to join?

It is really easy to do, click here.

Here are some of the benefits of joining both the Ironbridge Clarion Cycling Club – your local section and the National Clarion Cycling Club.

  • Club Social nights on the First Monday of each month
  • Regular Cycling with others – social & fitness
  • Learn from experienced cyclists
  • Access to Ironbridge Clarion Cycling Club Kit
  • Enjoy hidden Shropshire scenery and Cafes
  • Support on rides for mechanicals

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