Bike Park Wales

Saturday 4th of July 06:00 am - 9:00 pm
BikePark Wales, Abercanaid, United Kingdom


50 miles


BPW is aimed at intermediate/skilled riders , the speeds are high and terrain is hard on both bikes and body, hence full-face lids and armour are recommended, as is a reasonable fitness level.  The uplift costs £30, bookings are payable up to 3 months in advance.-places are limited and fill up quickly, better to go when the weather is more favourable!

We would expect to do 6-8 runs in the day.

There is a cafe with workshop facilities and we have an enclosed box trailer which can take several bikes and gear,(also useful to get changed in if the weather is bad)!

Journey times approx 2.5-3hrs each way including short coffee break.

Ride mileage includes uplift!

Additional costs are fuel-sharing, lunch and takeaway for tea!

Ride leader

Dave Dore

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