Our Club offers rides for all disciplines from family and beginners to rides for more experienced riders.

The rides are posted here by members who are leading the ride that day and if you are a member you are encouraged to join a ride by simply clicking 'Join Ride'

You may also join the Club for three rides without membership just click here to get your guest login. Then you can log in and join the ride you wish to join.

It is important for you to click 'Join Ride' to allow the leader to know how many riders are attending that ride so plans can be amended if required.

The rides are uploaded to our Clubs Facebook page automatically when a ride is uploaded by a member.

Please communicate to us via our contact details or Facebook.

The Ride Leader is responsible for the pace of the ride and will adjust accordingly so that no one is left off the back. It is important to check the average speed and distance on the Ride before attending as the ride will keep to this as a respect to all other riders in the group. Click here for more information on riding as a group.

If you are not yet a member then you are able to ride with the Club for two rides only as a matter of the Club's insurance.

So here are details on our rides;

A Rides - 50/55 miles - around 4 hours 

B Rides - 30/35 miles - around 3 hours

A & B rides have a cafe stop and will alternate between Saturday and Sunday rides allowing maximum possibilities for those that work weekends

C Rides - Up to 20 miles beginners/youth - Monthly on Sundays.

Family Rides - Up to 10 miles - Monthly on Sundays.

Thursday Evening and women's only Rides - Up to 25 miles - Social at the end of the ride. Both these rides start in May and to the end of August.

I'm looking for a ride


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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